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Access to high-quality evidence is crucial to making better decisions. We make it easier for healthcare industry participants to get to information and insights that matter.
Why choose OrthoEvidence?
Why choose OrthoEvidence
Users of OE tend to be more research oriented. Approximately 80% of OE users surveyed were Very Frequent or Frequent readers of musculoskeletal research, compared to only 50% of those who did not use OE.
of users surveyed
said they had
changed practice /
decisions as a result
of reading content
provided by OrthoEvidence.
Among users surveyed,
the quality of OE content
was rated “Good” or better
by 95%, with two-thirds of
OE users rating the quality
of OE content as “Excellent”
or “Very Good.”
said that the service
keeps them current,
60% stated that OE
helps them to improve
patient care, and 55%
said it saves them time.